Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the pros and cons for recording a ‘live’ demo?


Q. How long does it take to record a song?


Q. Do we have to bring all our instruments


Q. Do you work weekends and evenings?


Q. Do you have any contacts we can send recordings to?


Q. Do you have backing tapes of other songs?


Q. Can we record another artist’s song?


Q. Can you take the vocals out from an original recording and thereby use the recording for backing?


Q. I have a multitrack recording on tape which I would like to mix down again can you do that?


Q. I have been doing/am about to do some work on a home studio setup, could I do some overdubs like drums and loud guitars at your studio and then take the recordings away to work on at home?


Q. Can you arrange session musicians or singers?


Q. How do we copyright our song?


Q. My drum kit doesn’t sound great can you do anything with it?


Q. Is there anything else we should bring with us?

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