The Mix

The last word has been sung, the last chord played and the last cymbal hit and everyone is ready to go home – wrong!! We have a mix to do. This is something that can be overlooked by bands when it comes to planning sessions. It can take just as long or even longer to mix a track as to record it, depending on the type of material. A great recording can easily suffer if not enough time is given to mixing, as the mix needs as much tender loving care as the actual recording.

Mark mixesMore often than not, almost every individual element will need EQ and dynamic control applied. Whilst they may sound great on their own already, in order to get everything to work well together frequencies have to be removed from one instrument to make room for another. Effects like reverb and delays must be carefully chosen and applied. More unusual effects and the addition of foley-type sounds in particular can take a long time to get right. And every element has to be set at exactly the right volume and stereo positioning. This is not a process which can be completed effectively when everyone present has spent the past 5 hours hearing very loud guitars. Ears get ‘tired’ and this affects the way frequencies are heard. A very common consequence of rushed mixes are mixes that are too bright e.g. too much cymbals.

So when preparing to spend time in the studio, remember to allocate sufficient time for the mix. If you are unsure how long you will need call us to discuss it.

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