Studio 1 (Control Room)

The Control Room is at the heart of the action in Mad Hat Studios. It is approximately 20m² (220 sq ft) and can comfortably accommodate producer, engineer, and most bands.

Featuring natural light with a view over fields, but at the same time sheltered from irritating sun glare, it also is air-conditioned and has an ample seating area directly in front of the monitors. The control room makes an excellent working environment for even the lengthiest of sessions.

We have a window looking through to the live room area and tie lines for speakers through the walls, so guitar heads can be placed in the control room with cabs in the live room. This facilitates improved communication when recording and makes for a more enjoyable studio experience. The room is triple-glazed with a floating floor so exterior noise is kept to a bare minimum.

Our console is a vintage fully analog Amek Einstein Super E 40-channel in-line console with supertrue automation. Main monitors are Adam S3As, with Yamaha NS-10 and Tannoy Reveal additional nearfield monitors. For more information on gear including software and outboard check the equipment section.

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