Equipment list (Studio 1)


Amek Einstein Super E 40 Channel in-line console

Pro Tools HD with 24 channels simultaneous audio I/O, 64 channels MIDI I/O
up to 192 audio & 256 MIDI total tracks available
MacPro running Pro Tools HD 10 & Logic Pro 9

Summit Audio TLA 100A Valve CompressorRack Equipment
TLAudio C1 Dual Channel Valve Compressor/Preamp
TLAudio Ivory Series Dual Channel Compressor
Klark Teknik DN504 Quad Compressor
Rebis CL374 Dual Channel Compressor
Drawmer DS201 Dual Noise Gate
Drawmer DL221 Dual Compressor/Limiter
Klark Teknik DN780 Multi-Effects Processor
Yamaha SPX90 II Multi-Effects Processor
Yamaha NS10M Nearfields
Tannoy ‘Reveal’ Active Nearfields
Adam S3A Active Midfields

Blue Room

Behringer X32 Digital mixing console
PC running Pro Tools LE
MacBook Pro running Pro Tools 9/10 available on request
Mbox2 Pro with 4 channels simultaneous audio I/O, 16 channels MIDI I/O
up to 96 audio & 128 MIDI total tracks available
CD, DAT, DA38, Betamax PCM, Cassette, Vinyl playback for transfers available
Tannoy ‘Reveal’ Active Nearfield Monitors


Waves Diamond Bundle
Waves SSL 4000 Bundle
Celemony Melodyne (all versions)
Antares Auto-Tune
Audiobro LA Scoring Strings
VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro
Synthogy Ivory
Superior Drummer
Amplitube 3

…and many more.


Neumann TLM170
AKG C451 + CK1 x4
Calrec CM1000, CM1050 x2
AKG C414
Electrovoice RE20
Shure SM57 x7
Shure SM58 x5
Sennheiser E901
Sennheiser E906
Sennheiser E604 x2
Studio Projects C4 x2
Crown PZM 6D x2
Selection of DI boxes


Beyerdynamic DT100 x5 (400 Ohm)
Sennheiser HD25 SP
Sennheiser HD480 x7


Yamaha S9000 recording series drum kit (ex-Diamond Head)
Tama, Pearl and Crocket & Tubbs snare drums
Selection of top-end cymbals
Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100W Head
Marshall 4×12 16 ohm cab
Gibson Les Paul 1996 standard (available on request)
Guild Acoustic Guitar
Squier Strat
Westone Bass guitar
Various percussion
Hammond L122 organ & Leslie style cabinetHammond
M-Audio Keystation 88 note & Korg 61 note MIDI controllers
Korg Nanopad
Roland JV1080 MIDI module
Proteus 1 MIDI Module

Location Recording.

Mackie SR24 Digital 24 Track Recorder
24 Way 2 way passive mic split
20m multicore and various looms
Extra inputs available.

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