About the Studio

DF1Mad Hat’s Studio is a professionally equipped recording studio in the heart of the Midlands that offers multitrack digital recording on either Pro Tools HD or Logic Studio. We also provide many other facilities which include producers, engineers, 24-track digital location/mobile recording, MIDI sequencing and programming, drum editing, vocal editing/ tuning, string arranging and mastering and other music production.

Darkside2Based in greenbelt area on the outskirts of Wolverhampton, the name of “Mad Hat” has been around for some years now and in that time has had a role to play in many albums, singles and demo recordings. There have been clients from as far away as the USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Germany who have used the facilities, one band actually entitled their album ‘Mad as a Hatter’ after the studio.

No sessions are too big or too small, we can handle the production and engineering on long term album projects down to ‘quick demos’. We tend to specialise in rock music of all genres, from AOR to metal to acoustic. However, recording any style of music is totally within our capabilities. We are proud of the fact that clients have recorded most styles of music from hip hop to hardcore punk, and they have been very happy with the end result.

M,M&SThe studio has a selection of guitars, amplifiers, drums, percussion and a varied selection of MIDI instruments and software and all are freely available on sessions. A very large sample library, ranging from drum sounds and loops to orchestral instruments and sound effects, is also free to use.

Desk1In our digital editing suite (The Blue Room) we can accommodate transfers to and from many mediums – CD, DAT, Minidisc, Betamax and audio cassette. The set up is ideal for editing and compiling projects, not only of music but also of speech, soundtracks, jingles etc. The finished product can then be mastered ready for any final manufacturing process. Also with the Blue Room we can offer it as a studio pre-production/ programming studio with Pro Tools and Logic available for use.

Arrangements can be made for local accommodation and catering if required.

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be only too glad to make an appointment for you to come and have a look around and a chat. Please do not visit us without an appointment though, as we will not disturb ongoing sessions.



We look forward to seeing you soon.
Mark V. Stuart & Sheena Sear
Producers/Engineers Mad Hat’s Studio

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