Recording Your Part

Now is the time we have all been waiting for – recording.

When you’re sitting there ready, instruments in hand, there are some things to bear in mind. Getting the right headphone or monitor mix for each individual is important. Do not be put off asking for the strangest mix, maybe you need a lot of yourself and no vocals, maybe you like huge amounts of bass. Whatever the mix is you need for your best performance, ask for it.

Mark & MikeIf you make a mistake whilst doing a take just carry on. What we normally do is take a few takes and pick the best bits. Even if you keep making a mistake in the same place it is simply a matter of dropping in to make repairs, so always try to get to the end of the take. This way you will feel more natural about playing rather than getting stressed about a particular section by playing it over and over.

The most important thing is to try and relax and enjoy yourself. Don’t expect anyone to enjoy listening to a record if you didn’t enjoy making it!

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