Hope everyone’s enjoyed the unusually nice summer! It’s been a pretty busy 6 months for us since our last update. I hope everyone’s been keeping up with our latest news on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve just added another track to our listen section, and I will be adding some more in the coming weeks. I’ve also updated the equipment section to include the snazzy new desk we have in the Blue Room – photos to follow.

New Tracks

Happy valentines day everyone!

Here’s a lovely gift for you all. I’ve added a couple of new tracks from last year to our listen section – go check em out!

Today and next week we’ve got the winning bands from the Robin 2’s 2013 Live Band of the Year Competition. Might be adding them to the listen section soon as well…

Happy New Website

Welcome to 2014 everyone.

So here it is – after nearly a year of on and off work, lots of false starts, relearning CSS and HTML, immediately forgetting it, spending 6 months doing my actual job and then learning the whole lot all over again – it’s finally done!

This is the new website, and if all my plans worked then it should look pretty good regardless of what device you’re looking at it on. If it doesn’t on yours then try closing Internet Explorer and get yourself a good browser 🙂

Seriously, if you’re having problems just drop us a line and let us know what the site is doing and what device/browser you’re looking at it on.

Anyway, I hope you all like it, and please feel free to comment in the comments section.

If anyone’s tried to visit our old site recently you may have experienced problems, which I do apologise for. We had some server-side issues which should be resolved now.

On the studio side of things, we’ve had a good couple of months with visits from Rodney Matthews, Soley Mourning, Hybrid 9, Serpentine and Drag. There’s a fair bit of free time going begging at the moment so get in touch if you want to grab yourself a downtime deal!

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