Keyboards and DJs

The use of keyboards varies greatly from artist to artist, but no matter what your requirements are we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you are a DJ or programmer and have prepared your parts prior to coming in the studio this is fine. Please discuss with us beforehand exactly what you will be bringing in. As a rule of thumb we prefer to have audio and MIDI for each discreet part, and where you are bouncing audio please keep effects to a minimum, particularly reverb, and ensure delays are tempo-synced.

Stanway1We do have a MIDI controller keyboard and a large collection of virtual instruments and samples. If you have no keyboard player but would like some additional instrumentation to embellish your track we can probably help. Please discuss your requirements with us beforehand.

If you are a keyboard player with actual keyboards make sure you check all your leads, and make sure you bring any additional items like stands, pedals, disks etc. A list of programs you are going to use will be helpful to both you and us. In many cases we will ask you to remove certain effects from the patches, particularly reverb. If you don’t know how to do this it will save time in the studio if you learn. Bring the keyboard’s manual if possible. If you want to use sounds you don’t have on your particular keyboard we can probably accommodate you, but best to ask beforehand.

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