Guitarists & Bassists

Bring as many guitars and amps as you like (within reason!!) different parts may need different sounds, and the more options we have the better. Check all your leads (mains, speaker, jack), batteries, and power supplies. Don’t forget your plectrums, allen keys, spare strings, straps etc. If possible re-string your guitar the day before so they can be stretched in and ready when you start recording.Occoeur Bass

To be really thorough check your guitar’s intonation and adjust it if you know how. Many music shops will offer to service your guitar for you for about £30, which should include other checks as well, so this is a reasonable option. A £30 bill in a guitar shop could save you hours in the studio!

Give some thought to the sort of sound you want and if you will have the right equipment to achieve it. A Les Paul will never sound like a Strat. A blues amp cannot make a heavy metal sound. We can arrange most kinds of amps and guitars for your use if necessary, just let us know in advance.

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