Click Tracks

It is of great benefit to the later stages of recording if the drum tracks are done at a strict tempo, it makes overdubbing a great deal easier and increases the scope for MIDI parts and song structure adjustments. This is where the click track comes in. There are many different ways to approach this. If you have in the past only played to a very simple click and struggled with it, try some alternatives like a programmed percussion beat with lots of off-beats and 16s going through it. The problem with clicks on 4s is that if you are in time, you cannot hear the click any more. With a more involved click, you can hear it more often and play ‘off’ it. It would be well worth trying to practice to different options before coming in the studio.

If you have access to a click track generator or suitable audio program on your tablet/laptop/smartphone try programming something up before going into the studio – this will also establish the tempo (speed) of the song. But don’t get too stressed trying to play just to a click on its own. This is a very unnatural thing to do and many drummers struggle with it. When you play in the studio we will ensure wherever possible that you have in-time guide tracks to play along to as well – the full band if necessary.

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