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To get a great sound, we need a great sounding kit before we even put one microphone on it, and the drummer can assist us in this. Prior to coming into the studio try and replace at least the top head of all of your toms with matching skins. PutRead the Rest…

Click Tracks

It is of great benefit to the later stages of recording if the drum tracks are done at a strict tempo, it makes overdubbing a great deal easier and increases the scope for MIDI parts and song structure adjustments. This is where the click track comes in. There are manyRead the Rest…

Recording Drums

Sit down, relax, and try and play like you would at a gig. You don’t need to worry that you might be making too much noise here. If playing loud is appropriate for your genre then hit the drums as hard as you can – they’ll sound better that way.

Guitarists & Bassists

Bring as many guitars and amps as you like (within reason!!) different parts may need different sounds, and the more options we have the better. Check all your leads (mains, speaker, jack), batteries, and power supplies. Don’t forget your plectrums, allen keys, spare strings, straps etc. If possible re-string yourRead the Rest…

Recording Guitars

Generally whilst recording guitars we have the amp in the control room and the cab in the live room. With combos we put the amp in the live room and use a really long lead. This means the guitarist can stay in the control room, which makes communication easier betweenRead the Rest…

Keyboards and DJs

The use of keyboards varies greatly from artist to artist, but no matter what your requirements are we will do our best to accommodate you. If you are a DJ or programmer and have prepared your parts prior to coming in the studio this is fine. Please discuss with usRead the Rest…

Recording Keyboards

More often than not the keyboards are DI’d and like guitarists we normally set up in the control room. This is to make communication and monitoring easier. Talk to the producer/engineer about the sounds you will be using. If you’re not entirely happy with your existing sound we can probablyRead the Rest…

Tips for Singers

Singers need to prepare as much as other band members – but in a different way. Their instrument is their voice and like the instrumentalists it needs servicing, maintenance and tender loving care. The voice is a muscle and also needs to be exercised gently before use.

Recording Vocals

Vocals are usually recorded in the live room area whilst wearing a pair of headphones, in sight of the producer/engineer, who if necessary can give visual cues. They can communicate via the talkback system.

Harmony & Backing Vocals

These can of course give emphasis to certain lines in a song, though not always easy to do, or even work out, they can be worth a little effort. Some people find it extremely hard to harmonise with themselves, but it can be achieved.

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